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At LinkOutBreak, we offer link advertising service to people who are looking to not just promote their product, service or website but also wish to earn high-paid commissions and get paid big!

Currently, we offer the following link advertising packages:

Link Advertising Packages

Starter Plans

Plan 1

Cost $10

  • Advertising : 2,000 link ads

Plan 2

Cost $25

  • Advertising : 5,000 link ads

Plan 3

Cost $50

  • Advertising : 10,000 link ads

Plan 4

Cost $100

  • Advertising : 20,000 link ads

What makes us a better link advertising service provider is the sheer benefit of the following:

Our packages are equipped with member to member instant payment system.
You get up to 3 visits per day from a Single IP, saving you lots of credits in return.
You can sell the same package you bought and receive 100% commission in return.

Since we believe in uni-level program, so it doesn’t matter how many packages you sell. The more you sell, the more you get and we won’t charge you a thing for it. You earn everything.

Right now, we have no admin fee and it will be waived off until the end of March 2019. But to make sure we can manage LinkOutBreak, we will be charging a nominal fee afterwards.

Enterprise Plans

Plan 1

Cost $250

  • Advertising : 50,000 link ads

Plan 2

Cost $500

  • Advertising : 100,000 link ads

Plan 3

Cost $1,000

  • Advertising : 200,000 link ads

Plan 4

Cost $2,000

  • Advertising : 400,000 link ads